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"I want to learn to put karaoke effects on videos!" I said.

Those effects you see on subbed vids that glitters and stuff... the ones that come in different styles...aren't they the cutest? :)
Apart from the vid itself, I also look closely in the effects... ahaha. Weird, aren't I? Am I the only one who does that?

I thought putting effects would be easy, since I can have the tendency to learn fast, as long as I'm learning something that interests me... and as long as it's not math. Haha!

I already know how to put basic subs, so I thought learning to put effects would be a breeze.

But I was wrong. SO WRONG.

I spent 3 days on looking for references and tutorials in the internet... And all I can say is that I can't understand most of the tutorials I've seen... there's even one that says that you also have to learn some math and coding... When I saw that, I told myself; "Tama na, Let's stop."

I might have failed to learn to put karaoke effects, but I learned how to use aegisub more efficiently.. So my efforts were not vain :)

I used A.RA.SHI. PV to practice... and this is how it turned out:

Chibi Jun and his thick eyebrows... :)

Ohno's sooo cute!!! His hairstyles were similar to those haircuts boys have in my mom's younger days... ahaha
(I wonder if dad had ever tried a same cut before... :P)

Nino trying to look cool... :) haha

Can't get more screenshots of Aiba... He moves so fast... ^_^

Jun's looks sooo adorable! This is so far from the image he had now!

Nino still trying to look cool... ahaha.

A more proper screenshot... Aiba's feature never changed so much, ne?


Sho and his post-dreadlocks hair. ahaha. His hair looks fuzzy...
I wonder how he looked like with dreads...

Gigil... ahaha! :D


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