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So I'm still tired and sooo sleepy from the job hunting we did last monday and tuesday (yesterday)... I was so dead tired yesterday, I can't take a bath like I usually do. I just had a 5-minute shower then I crawled straight to my bed! (Even changing clothes was a struggle, I was putting on my pajamas with my eyes closed, haha!) My body was so heavy and my eyes were soo heavy as well... Even though there was a huge commotion in my FB yesterday, I wasn't able to check on it since I'm sooo tired... :(

So I had two of my most memorable and tiring days ever yesterday (June 23) and last monday (June 22)


So me and one of my friends decided to look for a job... We decided it's time to look for a job because were practically doing nothing while waiting for the results of the nursing board exams to come out. Were just cooping in our houses all day! So we started looking for jobs in jobstreet! It's kinda hard looking for jobs especially in our case... since were not licensed yet, we cannot apply for nurse vacancies, our choice is to find a work which is health-related but doesn't require a license... So we decided to apply as medical encoders. :)

We have 2 companies to go on tha day, both are looking for medical encoders... We arrived at the first company. Honestly I was overwhelmed with what I saw. the company literally overexceeded my expectations... The employees were all dressed profesionally. I'm living in the Philipines, in around Quezon city to be exact. I'm used to seeing employess in their prescribed uniforms or in the usual civilan clothes like shirt and jeans.. So I was literally surprised to see all these people wearing suits!

And all the other applicants are wearing suits and in their leather shoes and heels and me and my friend was just wearing blouses, pants and ballet flats. O_o

So we sat at the company's recieving area. We're just seating next to each other but we can't chat. Since everyone is soo quiet.. but I think we know what's in each other's minds.
= I suddenly felt the urge to leave this place at once
= I don't want to apply for a job anymore
= Looks like this place does swallow stupid people. ne?
= Let's go home already.

But hey! Miraculously we were able to stay until our names got called. :)

Our home printer was broken the night before, so I asked my friend to print a couple of my resumes... but she printed the wrong ones! She printed the resume I made for our school requirement 2 years before! It was so lame, I can't simply bear to give it to the interviewers... So I prayed not to be called until our next interview. And luckily, I wasn't called.

So even though the interview on the first company haven't started, we proceeded to the next interview... But my resume is still a problem.. I still haven't printed the ones I made specifically for the job openings, and there are no computer shops anywhere, all we see are business buildings, skyscrapers, cafes and convinient stores.

We kinda go lost on our way to the second company. The second company wasn't as posh as the first one, in fact it looks old and much smaller than the first one. The old and deteriorated look of the establishment somehow made me comfortable :) (up until now I don't know why, maybe it doesn't impose that much tension compared to the competitive ambiance the first company had)

Upon arriving, they immediately told us that the medical encoder vacancy has been taken, but there are still call center vacancy. It was wwwwaaayyy different from what we are looking for, but it's still job right? so we accepted it. And I was so relieved when they handed me a bio-data and told me that I could use it if I don't have resume. Out of the 47 applicants only 5 passed the initial interview and the two of us were part of the 5 lucky applicants... :) We arrived there at 11:30am and the initial inerview ended at 6pm. Then we proceeded with the company's main office in ortigas, and we went through another set of exam and interviews... but unfortunately, I didn't pass the final interview... my final interview is to encourage an eskimo living in Alaska through telephone to buy ice cream from us. I'm not very talkative, to it was a struggle for me really... And I'm kinda tired too that I cannot push myself any further to sound like I'm having fun with whatever I'm doing (I get grumpy when I'm at my limits) but I think it's still something since I learned how job interviews usually go.

The whole process ended at 2AM in the morning...
I'm. tired. So tired, I don't even have the energy to reflect on my failed interview.
I don't even have the energy to be bitter on that fat, stout, dark-skinned "kol senner eyjent" girl that laughed at my performance at the final interview.

I still have another set of interview the next day...

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