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I'm feeling much better than I did from the last three days!  It's like I've been reborn! Yaay! ^_^

So last June 22, we went job hunting from 7AM to 2AM the next day. That was roughly 20 hours!!! It was tiring, but we don't have time to complain! we have to meet and start job hunting again shortly after 5 hours!!!

June 23 (Tuesday)

I was late. Actually, we have agreed to meet in Ayala at 7, but I arrived at 9! I really woke up early, in fact, I was already on the train when whe told me she's about to leave the house... I didn't expect commuting in Ayala is soo hard!

Then we went to the company... I tried recalling all the remarks and instructions I learned yesterday:
=Like I have to learn to organize my thoughts more. (My brain is like a mountain without trees, when rain (thoughts) starts to pour in, it causes my thoughts to rush like a landslide.) So, I really, really have to work on that.
=After experiencing a simulation of an attempt to sell ice cream to eskimos in Alaska, I think I can do better in the next interview we'll be having. :)

So just like the interview we had yesterday, we were successful to pass the initial screening. We went there for the company nurse position, but since were underboard passers, they can't offer us the position... Instead, they asked us if we want a managerial assistant position. We did well on the interview, just as the HR told us, but whenshe knew of our situation ( that we were just looking for a short-term job as were waiting for the exam results) She immediately told us that they're looking for employees who would stay with them in the long run.. They told us that they'll be keeping our applications so that when we already have our licenses we can apply to them as company nurses once again... Yasahii, ne. But I think they always say that to applicants all the time. :)

Were still empty handed after the second day of job hunting. But God can be soo kind and amazing and great.. We were tired for 2 days. And as for me I was also upset, thinking that I was just a few "shembot" away from a job oppurtunity but I blew the chance away since i was too tired and I'm already at my limits.. More than a job or anything else, God knew what our hearts really wished and prayed for at that time. And He knew the exact moment when He'll give it to us.

In between the inerviews that day, we had breaks. And during that breaks, my friend would usually browse her FB... at that time, there was a commotion brewing within our news feeds, PRC have announced that the results of the May 2015 nursing board exams will be realeased after 5PM.

The interview finished at around 3, we decided to go at my friend's uncle's condominium unit just across the street from the company building we went in earlier and wait for the results there.

So we watched TV and ate, but were not chatting at all... Both of us were glued on our phones nervously waiting for the results... My friend's grandmom, seeing us tensed, decided to have a little chat with us maybe to relax us even for a bit. And eventually I forgot that I was waiting for the results of the boards... and before I knew it, it's already 5:15PM. It's already past the releasing time PRC announced, i hurriedly reached for my phone. And when I opened it, I recieved a text message saying:

At first, the two of us were still in doubt whether it's really true. I can't check PRC website either, because my phone was loading very slow at that time... So my friend hurriedly reached for her phone, which had a missed call from one of our professors. Calling our professor back, that's when the time we confirmed, IT'S TRUE! EVERYONE FROM THE BATCH PASSED THE BOARD EXAMS! We can hear our classmates screaming from the background. We recieved a wonderful gift that day... ^_^

After confirming it, I immediately broke the news to the rest of the squad:

 RN na akoooo!!! Thank you Lord!!! The best ka talaga!
Di mo man ako binigyan ng job that day, pero you give me a present
much greater than that...

Maraming salamat po! :D

Job Hunting is Hard, Tabun Happy.

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