Jul. 19th, 2015

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USO! Japan is one of the lesser heard shows of talents from Johnny's Entertainment. I think. Ahaha.
I've been in the Arashi fandom for 2 years now, and this is the very first time I encountered the show. So I watched it as soon as I found it.

At first, I kept on reading it as USO!(lie) Japan, but it turns out it was actually an acronym that stands for..

The show is interesting and scary at the same time... it was a mixed basket of different rumors and urban legends that exists throughout Japan at that time. But most of the stories were creepy. I decided to watch the show at around 11PM yesterday (I don't have an idea that this show could be scary too, you know!). And for a scaredycat person like myself, watching this alone in my room, at night is too much for me to handle... But it has Arashi on it, so I watched it still! :D
I've been avoiding horror movies and other scary stuff since I was in highschool...I'm a college graduate now! )
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