Mar. 2nd, 2016

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Hi minna~ How's your February? February has been a busy month for me, since my mom came home from Saudi, we've been busy cleaning and arranging the house, attending my brother's school activities, meeting a lot of friends and relatives... because we've been doing a lot of stuff I can only fangirl a little. haha. Okay, maybe not just as much as I want to, hehe   :)

I guess February has been a very busy month for our rainbow princes, because aside from their usual bangumi tapings and radio shows, they also have new CMs, new dramas (congratulations, Ohno and Jun!) and of course their new single Fukkatsu LOVE!

I don't know what happened, but throughout the past month there were days where there's problem with our water connection, there were days where our wifi won't cooperate, and last 29 our electric meter got confiscated *hooray for leap day, yaay* So if you find something wrong with the dates or infos or I missed something please tell me... ^_^

Okay, hajimaru yo! :P )

March 1 >> Have you seen Sho's docu yesterday? How was it?

To those who haven't seen the docu yet:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Gokurosama, Sakurai-san. :)

It's dangerous outside; Have some Nino butt poke.
Sa ngalan ng langit at lupa...

*Again, some of the images were not mine, if you found something that is yours, please tell me so I could thank you properly. :)*
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