Jun. 22nd, 2016

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I've been absent at work for five days... I have no cough, no colds, my fever is already gone... by this point I already thought I was already okay... but why do I feel so powerless? Literally. I can't stand for too long, I feel so weak after folding 4 pairs of my uniform. Doing the simplest chores at home makes me dizzy. What's wrong with me? I know this is a big bother to my other colleagues since they have to fill in my spot while I'm gone. :(

The water in here seems to disagree with me... )

And yeah about the recent ruckus going on fb... ahaha... I also have some thoughts about it too but both of my accounts were disabled for now. *I pray to Kamisama this is only for a short period of time*

Naghahasik muli ng lagim si Manong Johnny *char* )

And lastly, the blaming and all the hate and shade being thrown by some fangirls isn't helping...

I think everyone has their point, yes it's correct that it's also he admin's fault for posting vids online so now they have to say goodbye to their beloved pages that they maintained for years, and some of us even had our own accounts at stake. I think most of us are fully aware of that, thank you. We are fully aware of the fact that JE can take down our pages anytime. But you know, the happiness that our idols and the fandom provided us fueled us to continue to post vids even though we know it's illegal. We can see there are fans that are good at making fictions,doing fanart, memes and all that amazing stuff... and there are fans who do their own share of help by buying their merch. We are not as talented as the others moreover, most of us don't have much money to buy their merchs... but just like them we want to contribute something to the fandom... in our case, it's to share our beloved group's vids... share them to the other girls, and maybe somehow share them to the rest of the world, to those who still do not know them. Hopefully, that if we post it here, they might randomly pop out of someone's video list someone who's not a fan might see it and might be moved or enjoy their performance, and would try to get to know more about our idols, wouldn't that be great?

I remember one time, I posted Arashi's "Hope in the Darkness" perf from DIGITALIAN con. The one where they produced music by simply moving their their limbs (they have these contraptions with sensors attached to their arms, once a group of muscles moved, it will trigger a kind of sound.) She said that she's not a fan of jpop at all, but she found their performance so cool... ^_^ I was so happy back then, I felt really proud that our idols can amaze people at what they do even though they're not a fan. ^_^ isn't it amazing?

P.S. dyan sa mga nanggagatong pa dyan, tama na yan, tapon ko sa inyo ung poops kong may amoeba sige kayo... ^_^

Lhab lhab, mwah mwah, tsup tsup!
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