Oct. 22nd, 2016

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Just look at that time flies so fast, you're in Johnny's for 21 years now, omedetou! *claps*
He got in year 1995, then his youngest sibling was also born in January the same year, so does that mean he auditioned in JE shortly after his otouto was born? :) ahaha. nevermind.

Thanks for being around, even though your parents weren't that supportive of your choice at the beggining... and you were able to meet their expectations of you while doing what you love all at the same time.. :) And I admire you for that. They say that the industry isn't all good, but still you never forget the values and the things you believe in. It shows in you and your works... thanks for inspiring and motivating tons of people *including me* with your raps, songs and things that you do. Thank you, Sakurai-san, you've become a model of mine, you and arashi have showed me that as long as you persevere and never give up, you can achieve your dreams in time. And to always be happy ^_^ You guys always make me happy everyday... ahaha. Andrama ko di ba? ahaha.


*It's dangerous outside, always remember Sho loves you (random citizen)!
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