Jul. 18th, 2015 11:19 am
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Ever since the results of the boards came out, I've been very busy, aside from the regular responsibilities and chores I have at home, I also have to attend trainings. And take care of stuffs. (Like license registration, collecting documents for job hunting, 2x2 and passport size pictures (like every establishment would request a different size with varying color background. So far I have 5 different sets of pictures with different backgrounds) I don't like going to photo studios to get my picture taken. I think cameras have hidden grudge on me, I don't look good pictures. My pictures always looked like it's taken on mugshot day. Haha...

I was able to have sleep every night, but I still really feel tired every morning... and my head aches... :/

This is far from over yet!!!
I still have some trainings to go, I still have to endure going to photo studios since the training center I'll be going to needs pictures with light green background, I still have to help out with the surprise party for one of our friends on the 27th... I still have to look for work!!!

Can't think of anything good and anything worthy to be read to put on my journal... So busy I can't watch arashi shows and doramas. Still can't study katakana yet. Can't resume from where I left off. :(

Too many things to do with so little time!!!
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