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USO! Japan is one of the lesser heard shows of talents from Johnny's Entertainment. I think. Ahaha.
I've been in the Arashi fandom for 2 years now, and this is the very first time I encountered the show. So I watched it as soon as I found it.

At first, I kept on reading it as USO!(lie) Japan, but it turns out it was actually an acronym that stands for..

The show is interesting and scary at the same time... it was a mixed basket of different rumors and urban legends that exists throughout Japan at that time. But most of the stories were creepy. I decided to watch the show at around 11PM yesterday (I don't have an idea that this show could be scary too, you know!). And for a scaredycat person like myself, watching this alone in my room, at night is too much for me to handle... But it has Arashi on it, so I watched it still! :D

During the show they would show 10 different stories...

Usually like these:
The face is super creepy! What the hey?!
I actually want to try this one... :3

The first topics were kinda interesting and harmless  to me,
then it starts to get scary...

In one of the MC parts of the concert, you would actually hear a voice saying: "Let me listen too!"
And if you played the tape on reverse, you'll hear the same voice say: "Don't abandon me"

On this kind of situations I find my incapacity to hear and understand Japanese beneficial. :P Lol!

The next one was about an alien that was allegedly found in a crater left by a meteorite in New Mexico

The eyes were super huge! Kowai!

And apparently, Riida had seen a real UFO as well...

Then there came the $100 ramen..

Kazama (a.k.a. Aiba's tomodachi) and Murakami (from Kanjani8) were the ones sent for the task

Another story was about anti-gravity hills...
Toma Ikuta (Hana Kimi, Ouroboros) and Yokoyama (Kanjani8) were the ones sent to do the experiments

Usually if you pushed a ball down a hill, of course it would go down the foot of the hill right? But in a Ghost Hill or an anti-gravity hill such as this, when you put the ball on the foot of the hill it would roll up to the top! Cool, huh?

The Sakashimo Primary School that is situated in Miyagawa village is said to be haunted by ghosts... It is said that a spirit lurks in the toilet cubicles of the said school.

At 2AM, if you try to knock in the toilet doors one by one, then ask "Ready yet?" someone will say "Not yet".
Just like playing "Hide and Seek"
Knock once more and you'll get the same reply.
If you knock the third time, it'll say, "Ready now"
Once you open the door you'll see a girl with a burnt face inside...
Then the girl will say "You found me"

And then while shooting inside the school, The audio device started malfunctioning.

And then while shooting inside the school, The audio device started malfunctioning.

People's reaction towards the end result might be different from one another, but in my case, I was really, really glad that the rumors are not true. It was a relief. :)
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