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Hey everybody! :D

Have you seen the jacket covers and the tracklist of Japonism yet? It's soo cool! And the official PV for "Kokoro no Sora" is now up in the net, but I'm not sure if the whole PV was released in Japan officially or they full PV was shared by very kind fangirls out there ;) As we all know, Kokoro no Sora is a special song that arashi made in collaboration with Hotei-san! Over-all, it's so bad-ass! (In a good way, of course) Kokoro no Sora: https://www.facebook.com/wemakestorm/videos/541822732641328/


I'm not sure when is the official release date of the Japonism album, but there are some leaks available in the net. I still can't find a source with all the tracks available, but then a very good friend gave me some links of arashi's respective solos (Thank you very much!)

It's my off today, but I can't go outside because there's a thyphoon, and judging from all that random stuff flying outside (leaves, branches, roof and tarps and such) DON'T EVEN. And we also had some power outage that lasted for 3-5 hours and so it gave me chance to just sit back and listen to music. I only have one day off in a week, and I'm always dead tired after work so I just sleep and hibernate after that. So when I have my off, I really have to make the most out of it, so I'm always on the roll when it comes. And the black out somehow is a blessing in disguise because I really have a good "me time" (Which I haven't done ever since I started working) just sitting there and do nothing but to listen to mu- OH MY GOD, THIS SOLO IS SOO MAJESTIC! *flails*

So I just practically listened to it... Since I cannot understand much Japanese yet, my impression are solely based on how it sounds and what I think about it :P

My impressions after listening it for the first time:


-Some posts I saw from FB said that it's like Hey Yeah! part2... maybe it's upbeat just like the solo from last year... let's see
-Well, it's not really that upbeat like I expected, but it's not that slow or ballad either, it's something it between
- I like the guitar accompaniment! It's not everyday we could hear a Sho solo with guitar accompaniments
- There's that Hispanic/ Latino feel into it... it sounds so sophisticated
-Was that "underground" I heard from the lyrics? Does this song supposed to be a bit dark?
- As expected! there's a rap, the flow of the rap is similar to Tokei Jikake no Umbrella or Tell Me Why...
-The song really bulids up as it goes. Like it kinda simple from the start, as it heads to the rap part it gets heavier, then it gets lighter again as the song ends.. like a tunnel I guess.. :)

AKATSUKI- Satoshi Ohno
- Sorry for my ignorance everyone, When I saw Ohno's solo title for the first time, I was puzzled because the first thing that I recalled was anime ninjas... Gomen!

-It sounds like an epic theme song for Japanese hisctorical anime :)
-Akatsuki actually means dawn, was that correct?
-This really sounds so Japanes-y! ^_^
-I've heard a vocaloid song that sounds similar to this one...
-Its like roaming around a huge Japanese palace, when the dawn arrived, suddenly, people starts to gather in the heart of the town, and they started to dance together on the cherry blossom-laden streets.

MUSIC- Kazunari Ninomiya
-Somehow, I'm kind of curious on how is solo this year would turn out, because he wasn't the one who wrote it, because he's quite busy so he doesn't have enough time to do so. Aside from their regular bangumis together, he has another bangumi of his own, a radio show, and a movie! Isogashii na...
-Sounds so upbeat and tropical! ^_^

-OOOOOOHHHH... Pretty!
-Well, this is not how his usual solos would sound like, he's not the kind that would like to throw a lot of accompaniments and variations in terms of the tune, he puts more emphasis on the essence of the song. Not totally like the ones he makes, but it really sounds good with his voice!
-The techo insert in the chorus was cute
-And it also has that tune like the ones from arcade games :3 The composer really put all in his effort to match the song with Nino's personality. Otsukare-composer san!
-Auto-tuned techno Neen voice saying "Music" <3

MR. FUNK- Masaki Aiba
-Was that Nino, no, Jun speaking at the beginning of the song? ahaha. Wasn't this Aiba's song?
-It was Aiba's! :D
-It's really just like Disco Star, a more chill Disco Star :)

-Now, I'm really convinced this one's Disco Star II.
- Oh, there's a rap! Good job Aiba!
-There's a part that's like Uptown Funk. There's that part that you can sing "Uptown funk you up, Uptown funk you up..." and it fits perfactly! Come on, Try it! Just Kidding :P
-But no, seriously.

DON'T YOU LOVE ME?- Jun Matsumoto
-No! Of course we love you! <3
-Sexy! As expected of Jun
-Sounds so jazzy to me, maybe because of the brass accompaniments
-There are a lot of english words
-Don't you love me?
-Don't you love me?
-Don't you love me?
-Amongst all of the solos, this was the one with the most catchy lines.
-This is so... Matsumoto Jun. haha  :P

After checking the english translations...

Rolling days
-So this one's a romantic(?) song...
-Some sort of a dark kind of a love song...
-Your beautiful tears fall, becoming clear crystals If you try to touch them, a pain close to something nostalgic is reflected
Do you remember?The sounds from back then
Hitting and breaking me down The memories are the same as ever
The skin you shed was like the smooth edge of a blade
I don't care if I get hurt, because I just want to be by your side
Like a dangerous kind of love, it brings him pain, but as long as he can be with the person he love, he wouldn't mind.
-A diamond that has matured through the passing time I want to put one on your finger with a shine like no other Engagement ring?
-So it was heavy after all.


- A lot of nature references! :)
-Somehow the lyrics were very figurative... I'm not quite sure how to interpret it...
- Suddenly, I looked up to the hazy moon in the night sky
Pretty little flower, you've blossomed beautifully

Even if the time passes by
However far away you are, I'll cross time and carry it to you "Oh stop it, you!"

-When the dawn reaches my heart
A beating sound signals a new day, but it only confuses me

Though you might be close to me in my dreams
In reality, you're so very far away
Fangirl feels in a nutshell. You stay up all night long fangirling after your ichiban that's 124574838547583 miles away from you. So when the morning comes, your alarm rings, and you're all confused "It's morning already?! But it felt like I just slept for five minutes!"... something like that.

-“Though I don't want to live on in the floating world, if I remain here...”
Feelings I shouldn't have known of, they burn inside, shining brilliantly This one got me really thinking deep, ahaha. Ukiyo or floating world is something associated with geishas, kabuki actors, sumo wrestler and such, people who presents or "sell' dreams to those who see them... so maybe someone like that was referred to the song... but that's what idols do too right? they present dreams to people arrrgghh!!! I'm overanalyzing again!! okay. yamemasho!

-If Ohno's Akatsuki has lots of nature into it, Nino's solo has a lot of reference on music and games! Isn't that great? Composer-san you really did great! ^_^
Play good, listen good, do you feel good?
I want to make it echo loud
Music that overcomes the night, and my own image Whoa yeah!
Play nice, listen nice, can you be nice?
It should reach everybody

Putting all my feelings into my music
So far, even though Nino wasn't the one who wrote his song for japonism, this song is nice, so I'm really anticipating something great for the con! :3

-I thought Mr. Funk was like another version of Disco Star-sama... but I was wrong... it seems like he's another person whose trying to compete against Disco Star on who's the best! XD
That rumor you heard about a Star? Well, I won't be beaten by him so easily!
- And he's also the kind that loves throwing random kisses at anybody...
I'll throw kisses everywhere Keep it cool, party people
- I'm here Mr. Funk The hotter, the better
Let's play Come here, party people
You know who's No. 1, right?

I'm hotter than anyone else Come here, party people Let's just see about that when the con comes! XD

Don't you love me?
-It's MATSUJUN. Need I say more? ;)

So that's so far what I thought of the solo tracks from Japonism... I hope I can listen to the other tracks soon *excited*

Have you listened to Japonism yet? What were your faves? Among the solos I really liked Nino the most, All solos were amazing, really but I am a bit biased with cheerful and upbreat songs.. :)

Bye! Bye! ^_^

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Date: 2017-02-20 05:06 am (UTC)
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Hahaha xD The way you put it is very funny rofl

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Date: 2017-02-24 12:40 am (UTC)
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Ahaha.. I'm glad you have read one of my entries :)
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