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Yaay!!! Hi everybody! ^_^

The official release of the album is today! (Oct 21)

The tracks are sitting on my phone for days already... because I'm quite busy right at the moment. And I actually want to somehow write about my impressions towards the songs the first time I hear them, so i also try not to hit play for like 3 days... ahaha.

1. Sakura
2. Kokoro no Sora
3. Kimi e no Omoi
4. Don't you love me? (Matsumoto Jun)
5. Miyabi-night
6. Mikazuki
7. Bolero
8. Mr. FUNK (Aiba Masaki)
9. Akatsuki (Ohno Satoshi)
10. Aozora no Shita, Kimi no Tonari
11. Rolling Days (Sakurai Sho)
12. In the Room
13. Masquerade
14. MUSIC (Ninomiya Kazunari)
15. Tsutaetai Koto
16. Japonesque
17. Nihon Yoitoko Makafushigi
18. AraJap Talk
19. Bokura ga tsunaide Iku
20. To the Deep End
21. Make a Wish
22. Furusato

1. Sakura
-Sakura as we all know is the theme song for the dorama Ouroboros starring Ikuta Toma and Shun Oguri
-The drama itself is just as amazing as the song
-I kinda like how the title fits in perfactly within the album, even though the song was made ahead of time. ;)
-I also had to play it just to make sure that it's not a new song... haha

2. Kokoro no Sora
-Have you seen the PV yet? It's so friggin' awesome!
-I was  singing "We are samurai, yamato nadeshiko" over and over for days now... haha

3. Kimi e no Omoi
-I asked around, and this could be translated to something like "My feelings for you"
-This one really sounds like the typical inspirational ballads arashi would make, with that great traditional Japanese feel into it.
-This one is almost similar to "Kimi no Yume wo Miteita".. for me this track sounded like a continuation of that song... :)
-The way the mix the orchestra accompaniments with the Japanese ones is wonderful too...
-You always prayed for my dream to come true
So now, I only want to quietly pray for your happiness by your side <3

4. Don't you love me?
-MatsuJun solo! I wrote about the solos in another entry :)

5. Miyabi-Night
-I got curious, so I googled a little, Miyabi ,means elegant/refined... but I also found that Miyabi can also mean "heartbreaker". I'm convinced it's the former, so this could be translated as "Night of elegance", I guess?
-It's like Carnival Night! :D
-Ta-li-la-li-la! *LSS*

6. Mikazuki
-"Cresent moon"
-So pretty! Like a digitalianized Japonism... haha ^_^
-This one's kinda different because it's starts out as lively, but then it gets mellow at the chorus.

7. Bolero!
-Just to make sure, I searched if there could be a bolero word in Japanese... and google said there's none. So bolero could be that Latin dance, that little jacket girls would use or it could also be that filipino term for a flirty guy. haha :p
- I think this would really sound Latino...
- ... and it really is! ^_^
- The song makes me feel hyper. hyper
- If you're a Filipino or at least have been here and witness a fiesta (festival) here, this is usually the kind of song you would usually hear out in the streets... It gives off that kind of vibe.
- This song can really lift one's mood in an instant, Just imagine if they would put this song as an intro or part of the first part of the concert... it would be so fun!

8. Mr. FUNK
- The song about Disco Star-sama's enemy (?) Mr. FUNK. haha XD
- If Disco Star-sama's all about his precious hitsujis (sheep), Mr. FUNK loves to throws random kisses everywhere!

9. Akatsuki
- Ohno-san, please wear hakama on your solo, onegaishimasu!!! :)

10. Aozora no Shita, Kimi no Tonari
- from Aiba's dorama, Yokoso, Wagaya e. That drama was amazing.

11. Rolling days
-Sho's solo, still loving the guitar accompaniment
- It was said it only took him 30 minutes to write the rap part. That was fast. As expected of Sho. :)
- I still can't get over with the music arrangement. it's really pretty. :')

12. In the Room
- Upon seeing the title, it could only be either very upbeat, or very smexy.
- So its smexy... I was expecting it to be upbeat though.

13. Masquerade
- I'm expecting this one will sound like Monochrome... ahaha
- It's like Tokei Jikake no Umbrella :)

- I can't help but imagine Super Mario dancing in a middle of the beach when I hear this song... ahaha! XD

15. Tsutaetai Koto
- I have no idea what to expect on this one, but it sounds so cute!!! <3
- I'm just shrieking on my room right now, it's been quite a long since I heard them doing a song like this :)
- Tsutaetai koto, how do you translate it? was it like "The things I want to tell you" or "There's something that I want to tell you"
- Sounds like Wish :) Just christmas-y sweet.
- It's just so cute!!! I wonder how they would perform this in their con, I hope they would do something interactive with this one.

16. Japonesque
- So upbeat!
- This song has the same vibe just like Masquerade. Both of them sounds retro somehow, haha :)
- It has a lot of nature references like flowers in full bloom and stuff..

17. Nihon Yoitoko Makafushigi
- This one was a Shounentai original so this ones a cover... :)
- This is like a silly song with all Japanese games and tales all mixed up.
- Like there's Momotaro, that hero born from a giant peach, Urashimatarou the tale about an old man that saved a turtle. And Daruma that peanut-shaped toy (usually, red) (Looks similar to Russian dolls called Matryoshka), that never gets knocked down. Even if you
 try, it'll just stand back up.

19. Boku ga Tsunaide Iku
- "Were being connected together"
- So many feels.. :)
- If I would sing this song on my graduation, I would bawl crying... it's that kind of song.
- Just beautiful

20. To the Deep End
- I bet this one is kinda dark...
- Ocean. Deep blue. Pearls. A lot of ocean refences. Literally to the deep end.
-The song has a strong vibe into it. It's like PARADOX minus the very heavy dark feel... this one's more upbeat.
- It sounds like the songs that an American boyband usually sings... like Backstreet Boys and the like. Why don't you guys try to venture into the international music scene? People will be astonished with your talents, personalities and all... and they would be amazed on how you guys made it that far.. You guys simply rock!

21. .Make a Wish
-The title sounds magical... :)
- And it is! ^_^
- Sounds very Disney...
- Believe in Yourself (And your smile of course) ;)
- This song speaks to me somehow. I'm struggling with something. And I'm somehow confused and out of place and I don't know how to cope with the big change I having right now. And this song just says all the things that I need to hear... and somehow it also gives some answers to questions I had in mind...
What you really think and the attitude you show others, use them for different things 
There are times when you can get through by bluffing too
Use the way society sees things and rumors to your advantage and try to win
High risk, high return bets and forced interpretations 
There are times those are needed too
As long as you don't forget those unwavering feelings, everything'll be OK.

... It's okay to bluff and use things according to your advantage. World is unfair in the first place... so there are times that you also have to do these kinds of things. As long as you stay as you are, you'll be fine. :)

22. Furusato
-At long last! This song has made it in one of their albums! This song has been around for a long time, but never have been in any of their recordings....Thanks Arashi!

Overall, this is one amazing single!

It has all that Japan essence just like what the album title conveys... It also had very fun songs... There are also sexy ones. And those song that simply inspires.. :) It's a mixed bag of everything awesome and nice. The album title says Japonism, but it doesn't only stay on that single theme, they put a great array of diversity... and to think they've done this album under time pressure. It's amazing!

Otsukare-sama Arashi! And to everyone the worked together to assemble this awesome album, Thank you!

This album is simply made out of rainbows, hapiness and LOVE!


*This makes me soo excited for the tour!*

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