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I've been absent at work for five days... I have no cough, no colds, my fever is already gone... by this point I already thought I was already okay... but why do I feel so powerless? Literally. I can't stand for too long, I feel so weak after folding 4 pairs of my uniform. Doing the simplest chores at home makes me dizzy. What's wrong with me? I know this is a big bother to my other colleagues since they have to fill in my spot while I'm gone. :(

So even if I'm not feeling well, I asked my dad to bring me back to Antipolo from QC so I could go back to work as soon as I can. But then sobrang napagod ang lola mo sa pagbibihis, grabe hingal ko di naman sana kimono ung sinusuot ko dalawang patong lang ng damit, blouse at pantalon lang, daig ko pa nag-akyat ng 3 pasyente sa rampa ng sunod-sunod. Nahilo ako literal. (But then I felt so tired changing clothes, I was really out of breath. It's not even like was wearing something like a kimono, I was only putting on a 2 piece uniform, just a blouse and a pair of pants, it felt even worse than pushing 3 patients up a ramp consecutively.)

If changing clothes felt like a hell of a chore to me that it almost sucked all the strength that I have in my body, what's gonna happen to me once I handle my patients? If I go on like this, I might cause more trouble than help. So kinapalan ko na yung mukha ko, nagsorry ako kasi for the fifth time, coming to work is really impossible for me. And finally, kinapalan ko na rin lang yung mukha ko, tuloy-tuloy na natin ito, magpapatingin na rin ako sa ER! Rak na ituu! Ahaha. Pero I only did that para din alam naman ng hospital na legit talaga na I'm not feeling well... I was fortunate that the chief nurse was having her rounds at the ER when I went there, I explained to her that I'm still not feeling well. Then she asked me about my diarrhea....

My diarrhea... my diarrhea?
Diarrhe-- WHAT?

Oh yeah, I had diarrhea last last week in the middle of work. It was so bad that I left a doctor alone in the middle of his rounds to save myself from passing out and bathing in my own poop. *eewww* I said sorry, the doctor was nice enough not to scold me and even advised me to have fecalysis and precribed me some meds. Since I have no okane at that time, idinaan ko na lang sya sa dasal. The frequency of the watery poop decreased, but my poop never went back to normal, the chief nurse instructed me to get fecalysis at once, and lo and behold-- my lab results indicates I have AMOEBIASIS! Amoebiasis is a water-borne disease, usually people get it from poorly sanitized water sources... I'm pretty sure I got it here in Antipolo because this is a province, and I'm currently staying at an apartment right now, I'm not quite sure where they get the water they provide their tenants... maybe they refill the purifiers with faucet water themselves to cut expenses right? And no one in our family in Quezon City suffers from amoebiasis... ever. My mom is also a nurse so she knows these stuff... even the water that she uses for the ice we sell to our neighbors she boils them first just to be super sure. And we also have alot of cases of amoebiasis around here, both patients and employees of the hospital ahaha.

The Resident doctor was nice enough to give me prescription for free... arigatou ROD-sensei~

And yeah about the recent ruckus going on fb... ahaha... I also have some thoughts about it too but both of my accounts were disabled for now. *I pray to Kamisama this is only for a short period of time*

I was honestly suprised when I heard that there were also HSJ pages that were deleted? (Or it's videos were removed? Please enlighten me on this one, because having the whole page removed and the community's videos being removed are two different things...

Way back in 2012, there was a page that posted the whole arashi popcorn concert and the whole page was wiped out.

In our page's case (BLUEStorm) the videos were just reported by batches... if that same pattern also happened to you, could it be, that JE just doesn't want their content to be posted freely online. I know manong johnny is RKAF(Rich kid as f*ck), but they sell those in Japan, the possiblity of Japanese people getting them for free from the butihing generous fgs of sanlibutan, is not even impossible. If that happens, they would not sell as much, and manong won't be as more rk than he wants to! *char*

So maybe they just reported the vids but left the pages alone... They just don't want their goods posted online, but maybe they still wanted us to post updates and flail after our idols...


How about you girls? What happened to the other group pages that you know?

And then with the "someone must've reported it."

For me personally I think it's not someone amongst us, I agree with a statement of an fg I found in Fb. *I want to agree with you and give you a hug, but my account it currently disabled ~creys~* It's a real hassle for someone to report this on fb, if you've tried reporting a vid on fb before, you would know that it takes a lot of steps before you can successfully REPORT a video. That's only a report, it's still up to fb, whether they'll consider your report to remove the vid or not.


If you're one smart fangirl, you'll not spend your time reporting vids out spite, instead you'll use them to flail after your OTPs instead, amirite? ;)

Before these mandatory removal of JE videos, our page experienced a sudden surge of likes from fb users that are mostly from Japan, and these people love to share vids, does this also happen to your pages? At that time, we're not posting much, but our page got likes continously. I don't know if these people did all the sharing just to flail and have fun like most of us international fans do, or they did this to call the agency's attention, that there are these people who are sharing your vids on the net freely without your knowledge... what's their real intention? We'll never know.


And lastly, the blaming and all the hate and shade being thrown by some fangirls isn't helping...

I think everyone has their point, yes it's correct that it's also he admin's fault for posting vids online so now they have to say goodbye to their beloved pages that they maintained for years, and some of us even had our own accounts at stake. I think most of us are fully aware of that, thank you. We are fully aware of the fact that JE can take down our pages anytime. But you know, the happiness that our idols and the fandom provided us fueled us to continue to post vids even though we know it's illegal. We can see there are fans that are good at making fictions,doing fanart, memes and all that amazing stuff... and there are fans who do their own share of help by buying their merch. We are not as talented as the others moreover, most of us don't have much money to buy their merchs... but just like them we want to contribute something to the fandom... in our case, it's to share our beloved group's vids... share them to the other girls, and maybe somehow share them to the rest of the world, to those who still do not know them. Hopefully, that if we post it here, they might randomly pop out of someone's video list someone who's not a fan might see it and might be moved or enjoy their performance, and would try to get to know more about our idols, wouldn't that be great?

I remember one time, I posted Arashi's "Hope in the Darkness" perf from DIGITALIAN con. The one where they produced music by simply moving their their limbs (they have these contraptions with sensors attached to their arms, once a group of muscles moved, it will trigger a kind of sound.) She said that she's not a fan of jpop at all, but she found their performance so cool... ^_^ I was so happy back then, I felt really proud that our idols can amaze people at what they do even though they're not a fan. ^_^ isn't it amazing?

P.S. dyan sa mga nanggagatong pa dyan, tama na yan, tapon ko sa inyo ung poops kong may amoeba sige kayo... ^_^

Lhab lhab, mwah mwah, tsup tsup!
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