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Just posting a short entry before I go back to Antipolo, "Ang paradise na walang Wi-Fi" ahaha

Hey! Happy Johnnyversary Oh-chan, you've been around for 22 years! Sugoii janai? :D
Thank you for being around and bringing us happiness together with your rainbow squad team mates! ^_^

Being a special one-of-a-kind person, you can be cool,


Dorky and funny all at the same time...

There's so much more that could describe how wonderful you've become throughout the years...

Just stay as beautiful as you are. :)

*okay, not that beautiful*

There... *flails*

Alaways chew your food well, and never forget to do what you love...

You photobomb-loving-adorkable-manchild-ouji!

*It's dangerous outside, please bring this gratitude-ful, eigo-speaking Riida with you*

Mata ne! ^_^
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