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Have you seen Bad Blood yet?! ^_^

So far, Taylor has been releasing awesome music videos from her "1989" album... and just recent well, okay not recently, but this is the most latest music video Taylor has released and this is totally different from the videos she released in the past..

Like this.is.her.coolest.Tay.music.vid.evahhh!!! ^_^
Because as we all know, most are about love and such, so you wouldn't expect to see people carrying guns and ammos and throwing knives at teddy bears or riding badass bikes and all that stuff.

This one is my second fave from all 4 of the MVs she released for 1989 ("Shake it off" is my fave! partly because the vids so fun and refreshing, and partly because the title sounds like one of Matsujun's songs) :P

It's starts off with with a harmless view of a city and an office...

I remember, when I watched it for the first time, the vid was playing but I can't hear anything from my earphones, so I blasted the volume up, and then this:

I thought my eardrums blasted too. It was a mix of loud alarm and sound of well, a person being thrown to a desk.
It seems Taylor a.k.a. Catastrophe robs a bank together with her partner-in-crime Arsyn. Or the two of them could be on a mission... I'm not sure..

Then Arsyn disses her partner and kick her out... literally.

After falling from a buliding, she was brought in a headquarters of some sort...

It was great that she had Kendrick to do the rap, it really had the substance and not just like other measly raps filled with foul words in them

The other fighters/heroines:

The trinity reminds me of Perfume in their Spring of Life MV

Screenshots pa mooaarrr!!! ^_^

Breaking through walls, since going though the door is too mainstream... :P


They also had this futuristic-looking dojo! Ii ne.... :)

Hayley looks kinda scary...




It is said that "bad blood" is a song written by Taylor for Katy Perry, because Katy somehow tried to sabotage Taylor's tour by hiring Tay's dancers into her own tour... Regardless of whether the rumor may be tru

e or not, Taylor made a real cool music video :)

"Bandage don't fix bulletholes...................surgery does."  :)

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