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Yeaaahhh!!! Are You Happy Tour started last Friday!
Is there anyone here going to watch the con personally? ahaha
And the goods are are up for sale too... :) What are you planning to get?



*It's dangerous outside, please bring Nino-taro with you*

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Good morning, everyone!

I was given a chance to meet some arashians yesterday, it was soo fun! We chat and drink coffee and flail and drink coffee some more... ahaha, I'm like a kid getting happy and excited over the most simple things~ ahaha.

5 days from now, are you happy tour will be starting! Isn't that amazing?! But just like the past years, I'll be staying at the homefront, and wait for the dvd six months later~ ahaha

I'm listening to the tracks for more than a week now, and I like it!! So I decided to sub again for a bit (I haven't been able to sub for months now!) Sorry for the crappy editing...

Sakurai Sho- SUNSHINE


Aiba Masaki- Amore


Ohno Satoshi- Bad Boy

Ninomiya Kazunari- Another Day Like This Would Come Tomorrow

Matsumoto Jun- Baby Blue

Have a good day, everyone!

*It's dangerous outside, please bring these 5 handsome dorks with you*

(Gif not mine, CTTO)

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