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So I'm still tired and sooo sleepy from the job hunting we did last monday and tuesday (yesterday)... I was so dead tired yesterday, I can't take a bath like I usually do. I just had a 5-minute shower then I crawled straight to my bed! (Even changing clothes was a struggle, I was putting on my pajamas with my eyes closed, haha!) My body was so heavy and my eyes were soo heavy as well... Even though there was a huge commotion in my FB yesterday, I wasn't able to check on it since I'm sooo tired... :(

It's all because were job huntin' baby! )

The whole process ended at 2AM in the morning...
I'm. tired. So tired, I don't even have the energy to reflect on my failed interview.
I don't even have the energy to be bitter on that fat, stout, dark-skinned "kol senner eyjent" girl that laughed at my performance at the final interview.

I still have another set of interview the next day...

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My journal has been around since May last year, but unfortunately it has been basically empty since then. *Sorry* I promised myself that once I find a chance and a couple of free time, I would really fix this barren journal of mine!

I just graduated from college last March, and just last May I took a licensure exam... so as I am in a vacation or a waiting-period-for-the-results of some sort, I'll take this opportunity to work on my journal... :)

And just last Monday I was able to arrange my profile at last! Even though my profile is really basic, I was satisfied on how it turned out to be. I never expected that I could do this much! ahaha! There are a lot of times wherein I attempted to fix my profile in the past, but I'm scared that I might ruin the whole thing in the process. I was really happy, in fact I consider this as an achievement since I'm not really good in anything with technology on it. Lol XD

Now that I have my profile done, expect to see more of my weirdness in the future!!!

*inserts a random arashi picture*

Yoroshiku! ^_^
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