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Yaay!!! Hi everybody! ^_^

The official release of the album is today! (Oct 21)

The tracks are sitting on my phone for days already... because I'm quite busy right at the moment. And I actually want to somehow write about my impressions towards the songs the first time I hear them, so i also try not to hit play for like 3 days... ahaha.

Track list!!! )
I will be listening to the rest of the songs apart from the solos for the first time, this is soo exciting! )

Overall, this is one amazing single!

It has all that Japan essence just like what the album title conveys... It also had very fun songs... There are also sexy ones. And those song that simply inspires.. :) It's a mixed bag of everything awesome and nice. The album title says Japonism, but it doesn't only stay on that single theme, they put a great array of diversity... and to think they've done this album under time pressure. It's amazing!

Otsukare-sama Arashi! And to everyone the worked together to assemble this awesome album, Thank you!

This album is simply made out of rainbows, hapiness and LOVE!


*This makes me soo excited for the tour!*

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Hey everybody! :D

Have you seen the jacket covers and the tracklist of Japonism yet? It's soo cool! And the official PV for "Kokoro no Sora" is now up in the net, but I'm not sure if the whole PV was released in Japan officially or they full PV was shared by very kind fangirls out there ;) As we all know, Kokoro no Sora is a special song that arashi made in collaboration with Hotei-san! Over-all, it's so bad-ass! (In a good way, of course) Kokoro no Sora: https://www.facebook.com/wemakestorm/videos/541822732641328/


I'm not sure when is the official release date of the Japonism album, but there are some leaks available in the net. I still can't find a source with all the tracks available, but then a very good friend gave me some links of arashi's respective solos (Thank you very much!)

It's my off today, but I can't go outside because there's a thyphoon, and judging from all that random stuff flying outside (leaves, branches, roof and tarps and such) DON'T EVEN. And we also had some power outage that lasted for 3-5 hours and so it gave me chance to just sit back and listen to music. I only have one day off in a week, and I'm always dead tired after work so I just sleep and hibernate after that. So when I have my off, I really have to make the most out of it, so I'm always on the roll when it comes. And the black out somehow is a blessing in disguise because I really have a good "me time" (Which I haven't done ever since I started working) just sitting there and do nothing but to listen to mu- OH MY GOD, THIS SOLO IS SOO MAJESTIC! *flails*

So I just practically listened to it... Since I cannot understand much Japanese yet, my impression are solely based on how it sounds and what I think about it :P

My impressions after listening it for the first time:

Cause first impression still does matter right? )

So that's so far what I thought of the solo tracks from Japonism... I hope I can listen to the other tracks soon *excited*

Have you listened to Japonism yet? What were your faves? Among the solos I really liked Nino the most, All solos were amazing, really but I am a bit biased with cheerful and upbreat songs.. :)

Bye! Bye! ^_^

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