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I'm feeling much better than I did from the last three days!  It's like I've been reborn! Yaay! ^_^

So last June 22, we went job hunting from 7AM to 2AM the next day. That was roughly 20 hours!!! It was tiring, but we don't have time to complain! we have to meet and start job hunting again shortly after 5 hours!!!

We've got 5 hours to save the world!!! Err.. I mean to sleep and get some rest. )

After confirming it, I immediately broke the news to the rest of the squad:

 RN na akoooo!!! Thank you Lord!!! The best ka talaga!
Di mo man ako binigyan ng job that day, pero you give me a present
much greater than that...

Maraming salamat po! :D

Job Hunting is Hard, Tabun Happy.

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So I'm still tired and sooo sleepy from the job hunting we did last monday and tuesday (yesterday)... I was so dead tired yesterday, I can't take a bath like I usually do. I just had a 5-minute shower then I crawled straight to my bed! (Even changing clothes was a struggle, I was putting on my pajamas with my eyes closed, haha!) My body was so heavy and my eyes were soo heavy as well... Even though there was a huge commotion in my FB yesterday, I wasn't able to check on it since I'm sooo tired... :(

It's all because were job huntin' baby! )

The whole process ended at 2AM in the morning...
I'm. tired. So tired, I don't even have the energy to reflect on my failed interview.
I don't even have the energy to be bitter on that fat, stout, dark-skinned "kol senner eyjent" girl that laughed at my performance at the final interview.

I still have another set of interview the next day...

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