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Good morning, everyone!

I was given a chance to meet some arashians yesterday, it was soo fun! We chat and drink coffee and flail and drink coffee some more... ahaha, I'm like a kid getting happy and excited over the most simple things~ ahaha.

5 days from now, are you happy tour will be starting! Isn't that amazing?! But just like the past years, I'll be staying at the homefront, and wait for the dvd six months later~ ahaha

I'm listening to the tracks for more than a week now, and I like it!! So I decided to sub again for a bit (I haven't been able to sub for months now!) Sorry for the crappy editing...

Sakurai Sho- SUNSHINE


Aiba Masaki- Amore


Ohno Satoshi- Bad Boy

Ninomiya Kazunari- Another Day Like This Would Come Tomorrow

Matsumoto Jun- Baby Blue

Have a good day, everyone!

*It's dangerous outside, please bring these 5 handsome dorks with you*

(Gif not mine, CTTO)

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Hi minna~ How's your February? February has been a busy month for me, since my mom came home from Saudi, we've been busy cleaning and arranging the house, attending my brother's school activities, meeting a lot of friends and relatives... because we've been doing a lot of stuff I can only fangirl a little. haha. Okay, maybe not just as much as I want to, hehe   :)

I guess February has been a very busy month for our rainbow princes, because aside from their usual bangumi tapings and radio shows, they also have new CMs, new dramas (congratulations, Ohno and Jun!) and of course their new single Fukkatsu LOVE!

I don't know what happened, but throughout the past month there were days where there's problem with our water connection, there were days where our wifi won't cooperate, and last 29 our electric meter got confiscated *hooray for leap day, yaay* So if you find something wrong with the dates or infos or I missed something please tell me... ^_^

Okay, hajimaru yo! :P )

March 1 >> Have you seen Sho's docu yesterday? How was it?

To those who haven't seen the docu yet:

Part 1:

Part 2: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3v5kh8_%E6%AB%BB%E4%BA%95%E7%BF%94x%E6%B1%A0%E4%B8%8A%E5%BD%B0%E3%81%8C%E4%BB%8A%E5%A4%9C-%E5%86%8D%E3%81%B3%E7%99%BB%E5%A0%B4-2016%E5%B9%B43%E6%9C%881%E6%97%A5-2-%E6%95%99%E7%A7%91%E6%9B%B8%E3%81%A7%E5%AD%A6%E3%81%B9%E3%81%AA%E3%81%84%E7%81%BD%E5%AE%B3_fun

Gokurosama, Sakurai-san. :)

It's dangerous outside; Have some Nino butt poke.
Sa ngalan ng langit at lupa...

*Again, some of the images were not mine, if you found something that is yours, please tell me so I could thank you properly. :)*
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Time sure flies fast! At first it felt like January is just starting, but now it's already February! Amazing right?

Can you remember what happened  last month? :)

January 1 > Happy New Year! Yaay! Together with the new year came a new arashi con dvd! (Thanks old man Johnny!) Have you watched Arashi Blast in Miyagi? :)

Glorious Miyagi Blast gifs, yeah!


Sho's Life is Hard Dakara Happy.

Shake it, Jun! XD

While everyone's shakin' Ohno be like: I'm just gonna chill here, and hold on to my dear life. *lets out the cutest smile evah*

Hang in there Sho! ahaha!

Watching this is truly a great way of starting the year! :D

> In AnS, it was announced that Oh-chan will be starring in a Rom-Com drama! ^_^

Back then, we still don't have an idea on what kind of a rom-com it will be.... :3

January 8 > News about Becky having an affair with a married vocalist came out.
Becky is a great variety host. She's part of a lot of variety shows in Japan, some of them is ItteQ and Tensai Shimura! Doubutsuzen Zoo (Aiba's in there too). If you're not familiar of becky, she reenacted the last scene in HYD together with Jun in Himitsu no Arashi-chan (That ep was soo hilarious!)


Honestly, I just want to punch that Enon guy in the face. He just let Becky face the media and apologize by herself, while that coward went into hiding. Now the bastard's trying to get back together with his wife and Becky lost all her endorsements and projects. She will be taking an indefinite leave. It's still not sure when she'll come back, or worse, she might never come back. :'(

January 10 > the Korean variety show, "RUNNING MAN" did it again! :/

The show was put into the hot seat last year for copying the games from VSA and using it in one of their episodes...

January 11 > Daigo and Keiko Kitagawa got married!

*Ai-ai-ai-ai I love you wo! Yaay! ^_^

When I heard of the news I was a little bit sad, (How about Sho? haha! Jk!) I really liked ShoxKeiko tandem in Nazodi... :'(

But ya know, you can see the two really love each other. And seeing Keiko laugh at Daigo's jokes and gags, no matter how corny it is, it's really love. ^_^

Dat look? Dats love. ahaha. lol!

> Gackt is in da Philippines! XD

Yes, rakenroll to da world! XD

January 12 > #SMAP trending in twitter....


January 13 > Rumors that SMAP will disband broke out!

:'( They say it's because of the dispute among the heads of the jimusho... and it's because of Ijima (SMAP's manager) being forced to leave JE. They say that the 4 members will be leaving the agency and Kimura Takuya will stay.


January 14 > It was announced that Arashi will be releasing a new single "Fukkatsu Love".

> Yokatta, January 14 was also the day when it was announced that SMAP will not disband. :)

January 18 > SMAP in their own show, SMAP x SMAP made a public apology and announced that they will not disband. :)


Even the non-fans were relieved by the news. :)

> MSN trending in Twitter Japan

MATSUMOTO SAKURAI NINOMIYA - the meaning of MSN according to Sho when he was asked in News Zero. XD

The MICROSOFT NETWORK will never be the same again.

January 19 > Okura-san of Kanjani8 will be taking a temporary leave. He will be taking an indefinite temporary leave after he was advised by doctors to take a rest after being diagnosed with intestinal obstruction.


January 20 > Sho was spotted in Disneyland together with Nagase-san. :) It was for AnS incognito trip. Ahaha.

Gents in their 30's wearing some slightly dasai clothes, touring disneyland like a boss while looking ridiculously adorable. ^_^

January 24 > I could still remember it was around 10PM in the evening when the news broke out that Sho could be/ could've been in the Philippines...


Sakurai-san will be reporting about Japan's Emperor and Empress' state visit in the Philippines... :)


> Like most of the girls who lived here in Philippines, I also want to know whether Sho really went here or not, so I really waited for News Zero... ahaha. Unfortunately he didn't went here, but it's still not that bad since Sho reported about the Philippines. He mentioned words like Manila, Luzon, Philippines and Aquino in his ichimen... :) Otsukare Sho-san!


"Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi" (The most difficult love in the world)

He will be playing the role of Sameshima Reiji. 34 years old. Single. Rich but not popular. A man who doesn't know about love (has difficult personality). Bowdown in front of his "too late first love".

January 28 > Fukkatsu Love covers and details released! :)


tumblr_o19i05YYYL1qjizy4o1_400 (1).giftumblr_o03r6sX1Ve1typ41yo2_540.gif

January 29> Fukkatsu LOVE @ Aiba's rekomen. :)

Take a listen! https://www.facebook.com/wemakestorm/videos/578122852344649/

> And also, Jun was spotted shooting a bangumi in Tsukiji Fish Market. :)



Jun why you so pogi?!

January 30 > It's just their regular bangumi, but I enjoyed every minute of this day's AnS. Like who doesn't?! Arashi being their usual awesome bakakoii selves, did a lot of mainstream action scenes their own way. It's supposed to be cool, but it ended up being super hilarious af and badass too! ahaha! And seeing arashi in coats and wearing holster/gun suspenders were a plus, they look so dashing!

>And also on the same episode, the heroine for Ohno's upcoming spring drama came too! :D

It's Haru! ^_^

They look cute! :D

That's everything that I remember from January... ahaha. There are other things like RL, but who cares about that?! ahaha!
So far how's your January? :) Are there other news or updates that I missed? :)

See you!

*It's dangerous outside. Here, take some extra adorable arashi hip shake with you*

*Some of the images and gifs are not mine! Credits to their respective owners! ^_^ If you see any image or gif that is yours, please say it to me right away, so I could thank you~ ^_^

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Yaay!!! Hi everybody! ^_^

The official release of the album is today! (Oct 21)

The tracks are sitting on my phone for days already... because I'm quite busy right at the moment. And I actually want to somehow write about my impressions towards the songs the first time I hear them, so i also try not to hit play for like 3 days... ahaha.

Track list!!! )
I will be listening to the rest of the songs apart from the solos for the first time, this is soo exciting! )

Overall, this is one amazing single!

It has all that Japan essence just like what the album title conveys... It also had very fun songs... There are also sexy ones. And those song that simply inspires.. :) It's a mixed bag of everything awesome and nice. The album title says Japonism, but it doesn't only stay on that single theme, they put a great array of diversity... and to think they've done this album under time pressure. It's amazing!

Otsukare-sama Arashi! And to everyone the worked together to assemble this awesome album, Thank you!

This album is simply made out of rainbows, hapiness and LOVE!


*This makes me soo excited for the tour!*

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Hey everybody! :D

Have you seen the jacket covers and the tracklist of Japonism yet? It's soo cool! And the official PV for "Kokoro no Sora" is now up in the net, but I'm not sure if the whole PV was released in Japan officially or they full PV was shared by very kind fangirls out there ;) As we all know, Kokoro no Sora is a special song that arashi made in collaboration with Hotei-san! Over-all, it's so bad-ass! (In a good way, of course) Kokoro no Sora: https://www.facebook.com/wemakestorm/videos/541822732641328/


I'm not sure when is the official release date of the Japonism album, but there are some leaks available in the net. I still can't find a source with all the tracks available, but then a very good friend gave me some links of arashi's respective solos (Thank you very much!)

It's my off today, but I can't go outside because there's a thyphoon, and judging from all that random stuff flying outside (leaves, branches, roof and tarps and such) DON'T EVEN. And we also had some power outage that lasted for 3-5 hours and so it gave me chance to just sit back and listen to music. I only have one day off in a week, and I'm always dead tired after work so I just sleep and hibernate after that. So when I have my off, I really have to make the most out of it, so I'm always on the roll when it comes. And the black out somehow is a blessing in disguise because I really have a good "me time" (Which I haven't done ever since I started working) just sitting there and do nothing but to listen to mu- OH MY GOD, THIS SOLO IS SOO MAJESTIC! *flails*

So I just practically listened to it... Since I cannot understand much Japanese yet, my impression are solely based on how it sounds and what I think about it :P

My impressions after listening it for the first time:

Cause first impression still does matter right? )

So that's so far what I thought of the solo tracks from Japonism... I hope I can listen to the other tracks soon *excited*

Have you listened to Japonism yet? What were your faves? Among the solos I really liked Nino the most, All solos were amazing, really but I am a bit biased with cheerful and upbreat songs.. :)

Bye! Bye! ^_^

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USO! Japan is one of the lesser heard shows of talents from Johnny's Entertainment. I think. Ahaha.
I've been in the Arashi fandom for 2 years now, and this is the very first time I encountered the show. So I watched it as soon as I found it.

At first, I kept on reading it as USO!(lie) Japan, but it turns out it was actually an acronym that stands for..

The show is interesting and scary at the same time... it was a mixed basket of different rumors and urban legends that exists throughout Japan at that time. But most of the stories were creepy. I decided to watch the show at around 11PM yesterday (I don't have an idea that this show could be scary too, you know!). And for a scaredycat person like myself, watching this alone in my room, at night is too much for me to handle... But it has Arashi on it, so I watched it still! :D
I've been avoiding horror movies and other scary stuff since I was in highschool...I'm a college graduate now! )
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So Happy!!! ^_^

The covers went out just yesterday, and this is so exciting! Others say the cover looks a bit boring, but I really find it very sleek and pretty at the same time...

Like no one would suspect that this is a con dvd of adorkable rainbow pinces! *showers confetti everywhere!*

Setlist here! )

The dvd release would be on June 29... but since I'm binbo, I can't afford a copy for myself...

Until then, I'll be just roaming hopelessly around the net. haha

Tanoshimi! ^_^

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I'm almost done in writing an entry awhile ago... but then I clicked the wrong button and they're gone!!!!! AAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!

Oh well. PLAN B!!!! XD


I did this a year ago with the help of my cousin.
I did this when I was still learning the basics of subbing... so it's really shabby.
Sorry about that...
Here it is... )

Screencaps!!!! )

Screenshot 2015-06-28 14.02.13.png
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"I want to learn to put karaoke effects on videos!" I said.

Those effects you see on subbed vids that glitters and stuff... the ones that come in different styles...aren't they the cutest? :)
Apart from the vid itself, I also look closely in the effects... ahaha. Weird, aren't I? Am I the only one who does that?

I thought putting effects would be easy, since I can have the tendency to learn fast, as long as I'm learning something that interests me... and as long as it's not math. Haha!

I already know how to put basic subs, so I thought learning to put effects would be a breeze.

But I was wrong. SO WRONG.

I spent 3 days on looking for references and tutorials in the internet... And all I can say is that I can't understand most of the tutorials I've seen... there's even one that says that you also have to learn some math and coding... When I saw that, I told myself; "Tama na, Let's stop."

I might have failed to learn to put karaoke effects, but I learned how to use aegisub more efficiently.. So my efforts were not vain :)

You are my soul! soul! )

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